sábado, abril 04, 2015

Police = Foreign Military

Police Compared To A Foreign Military por Christopher Cantwell:
I shouldn’t have to explain this to anarchists. Police, simply by being police, are a threat to your safety. They are sworn to “uphold the law” which almost exclusively consists of threats to initiate force against peaceful people. They are paid through theft that they justify by renaming taxation, and citation. They have no legitimate authority to do this.
.. Police are worse than common criminals. They are a militant force, which has us outnumbered, and outgunned. They command our obedience, not only in the moment they victimize us, but at all times. Not only do they command our obedience, but they claim ownership over future generations as well. Dealing with a threat this extreme, requires extreme measures.
The police have none of the excuses the Axis Powers have for their initiations of force. We pose no threat to their safety, we didn’t invade their country, we didn’t kill a million of their people. They signed up for the job to get paid, and to hold a certain status in society. They could quit their jobs at any moment, and seek out productive employment, with pretty much no negative consequences whatsoever. All they would have to give up is their status in society as police. They may actually make more money working in the private sector, if they have any marketable skills whatsoever.
The police aren’t dealing with a threat to themselves, they have pledged their lives to be a threat to you.

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