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The myth of ‘settled science’

The myth of ‘settled science’:
Forty years ago the experts warned of a coming ice age, now they are absolutely certain the earth is warming — and some of the same “experts” were onboard both scares. National Geographic even acknowledges this inconvenient fact, but it explains that this somehow actually helps make the case for global warming. If a scientific theory isn’t refutable — i.e., warming and cooling both prove climate change — then how is it science?
How is it paranoia to believe that the climate change industry wants to shut down capitalism when the movement plainly states that this is its objective? And how can a movement be driven by science when its very agenda violates basic laws of economics?
.. The entire history of the green movement is full of grand hoaxes and even catastrophic advice, dating back to the modern-day birth of this movement with Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.” This was the green anthem that played a big part in the banning of DDT around the world — a move that contributed to millions of Africans losing their lives from malaria.
Nearly every environmental scare of the 1970s backed by hundreds of scientists as well as media, like National Geographic, was proved to be a hoax. We were assured then by the “experts” that the world was overpopulated, running out of energy, food, water, minerals, getting more polluted, and that the end result would be massive poverty famine and global collapse. Every aspect of this collective scientific wisdom was spectacularly wrong.
In 1980 top scientists in the United States government issued a report called “The Global 2000 Report to the President,” which was a primal scream that by 2000 the world would run out of oil, gas, food, farmland and so on. Just a few brave souls such as Julian Simon and Herman Kahn dared to contradict this conventional wisdom. They were disparaged then — just as climate change skeptics are today — as dangerous lunatics. Yet on ever score, these iconoclasts were right and the green scientific consensus was wrong. Start with the fact that hundreds of millions of Chinese — mostly girls — are demographically missing today because of the barbaric one-child policy, which the greens all supported as a way to save the planet.

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