terça-feira, abril 07, 2015

The State is Theft

Sorry Molyneux, Competition is not Theft:
The people who call themselves the State are nothing but criminals parading as saviors. No doubt hundreds of years from now when peaceful parenting rids the world of anything resembling the modern State, there will still be fraudsters and violent criminals. Many of those criminals may well try to convince people that their crimes are for the greater good, it is after all, one of the oldest scams in history.

Thus, the NYPD, the City of New York, the State of New York, and the US Federal Government have no more a right to take from vendors than the MCC does. That people submit to their will, whether out of ignorance or out of fear, is no different than vendors submitting to the MCC. In both instances, everyone has every moral right to resist the threats of the coercion cartel. They may choose not to, for the sake of their safety, and that’s understandable, but that’s a value judgement that they make for themselves.

Eric Garner evaded the taxes imposed on cigarettes by government authorities. He also evaded regulations preventing the sale of individual cigarettes. He also sold his product in the common spaces instead of paying rent and property taxes and licensing fees. This provided him with a market advantage, being able to sell a cheaper product at a higher markup than the brick and mortar vendors in Staten Island.

For the brick and mortar vendors in Staten Island to call the NYPD on Eric Garner for not paying their taxes, is no different than for John to send the MCC after Eric in Ancapistan. In both instances, Eric was a superior competitor by avoiding the extortion of the coercion cartel. The fact that he beat out his competitors by doing so does not victimize the victims of the coercion cartel any more than a faster runner victimizes a slower runner by escaping from a hungry lion. Thus, it cannot morally subject him to violence at the hands of the extortionists or their victims.

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