segunda-feira, junho 22, 2015

No compromise with thieves

Larken Rose:
Carjacker: "Hand over the keys, or die!" [aims gun at victim]
Victim: "Screw you, you thieving bastard!" [aims gun at car-jacker]
Carjacker: "Come on now, I was only expressing myself! No need to get all violent and divisive! Can't we all just get along?"
Victim: "Not while you're trying to rob me."
Carjacker: "Let's just agree to disagree."
Victim: "You mean you'll stop robbing me?"
Carjacker: "No, I mean we should agree to disagree about whether I should steal your car. I think I should. You think I shouldn't. But does that mean we can't be polite and civil, and appreciate opposing views?"
Victim: "You stupid shit. No, we can't get along or be civilized as long as you're trying to rob me!"
Carjacker: "Hey, no need for name-calling! You're so judgmental and intolerant! I'm offended!"
Victim: "Piss off, thief."
Carjacker: "My viewpoint is just as valid as yours!"
Victim: "No, it isn't."
Carjacker: "So you think you're BETTER than me? You think your opinion is more valid than mine?"
Victim: "YES, you jackass! Because I'm not trying to rob you!"
That's pretty much how debates between statists and voluntaryists usually go.

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  1. Not quite, not that dramatic, but funny, though. It goes like this:

    - Are you a statist?
    - Statiscian?
    - No, no, a statist.
    - Huh?
    - Are you here to rob me?
    - Huh?
    - I’m a voluntarist.
    - Whatever
    - Statism is robbery.
    - Ok… I have to go, now.
    - Wait… do you see the traffic light, over there?
    - I sure do.
    - Its red. The damn staters take my money to stop me from moving. Freedom!
    - Absolutely. Go, boy, be free!
    - I Will!... will you stay there to call 911, just in case?...
    - Don’t worry, the moment you step in, the universe freezes. If anything goes wrong, I’ll do you a CPR myself.
    - Are you a CPR volunteer, brother?
    - Yes I am!
    - Here I go.
    - Amazing…