domingo, julho 12, 2015

Citação Liberal do Dia

Robert Higgs:
Participatory fascism (now often called crony capitalism and long called mercantilism) is a bad form of economic order and an even worse form of political order in many ways, but it is infinitely superior to socialism, which is a perfect recipe for poverty and totalitarianism. Under crony capitalism the masses enjoy a high standard of living in the economically advanced countries and a rising standard of living even in many of the poorer countries. Under socialism, people enjoyed mass starvation in China and the USSR (as nowadays in North Korea) along with political dictatorship by a tiny party elite. Socialism now yields the abominations of Venezuela, a once thriving country turned into one with no toilet paper and scarcely anything else in the stores, growing poorer by the day. Under crony capitalism, the young protesters in the USA and Europe enjoy smart phones and $5.00 cups of the coffee concoction of their choice. The yearning for socialism is truly a poison fruit of deep, deep ignorance not only of economic theory, but also of modern history and current affairs.

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