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Who Really Cares About the Poor?

Who Really Cares About the Poor?: A Socratic Dialogue por Bryan Caplan:
Glaucon: .. Fine, I'll tell you. The democratic faction - to which I happen to belong - proposed a new law to give ten gold pieces a year to every poor Athenian.

Socrates: From the public treasury?

Glaucon: Yes, from the public treasury. Anyway, we democrats called a vote - and the aristocratic faction voted us down. How can they be so uncaring?

Socrates: Why do you assume the aristocrats voted No because they were uncaring? Did they say, "I'm voting No because I don't care about the poor"?

Glaucon: Of course not. No one admits such things.

Socrates: So, what objections did the aristocrats voice?

Glaucon: Oh, the usual. They said our meager program would turn poor and rich alike into lazy bums. The poor wouldn't want to work if they got free money, and the rich wouldn't want to work if they had to pay the taxes required to fund the program.

Socrates: Sounds overstated. Divide by ten, and they're right. Any other argument?

Glaucon: Yes. Many also insisted that, "It's my money." They earned it, so they shouldn't have to share it.

Socrates: And they're wrong?

Glaucon: Of course they're wrong! We're a community, we all depend on each other and we're all obliged to take care of each other. If they had an ounce of compassion for disadvantaged Athenians, they would have voted Yes.
...uma história de hipocrisia socialista.

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