sexta-feira, outubro 16, 2015

Citação Liberal do Dia

Robert Higgs:
Fellow Americans, when you speak of actions the U.S. government has taken -- for example, plundering people by "taxation," irresponsibly spending vast sums of other people's money, monopolizing and mismanaging the money stock, bombing hospitals in war zones, constantly killing and otherwise punishing innocent people in various parts of the world, including the USA -- please, please do not use the pronoun "we." Very few of us qualify as responsible for such actions, and some of us identify with the responsible government in no way other than as its victims. The people who constitute the U.S. government belong to one set; any "we" to which I belong comprises elements of a disjoint set. The U.S. government is a criminal organization, whereas the rest of us are, for the most part, peaceful, cooperative, and innocent of any genuine crime. The government is intrinsically criminal, whereas the rest of us are sometimes guilty of crimes only by virtue of individual lapses of morality and self-control.

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