sábado, novembro 14, 2015

Government success

Robert Higgs:
Because the federal government does not actually fail; indeed, it succeeds on an almost unimaginable scale. It is by far the most successful criminal organization in the world's history, and it proceeds only from one towering success to another. The key to understanding this conclusion is to understand the government's actual intention and, above all, to recognize that it does not seek to promote the general public interest.

If its goals were the ones it claims to pursue, in accordance with longstanding classical liberal defenses of the state as an indispensable protector of people's rights to life, liberty, and property, it would not do most of what it is doing. More fundamentally, it would not begin its operations by extorting and stealing the resources it requires to carry out its activities, thereby burning down the village it purports to save at the very outset.

No one writes a well-documented forty-page analysis of why the James Gang failed to promote the general public interest. Such an analysis would evoke only ridicule and laughter. If the James Gang raked in a lot of loot from its robberies of trains and banks, notwithstanding killing many innocent people along the way, it considered itself successful. Those who constitute the upper echelon of the federal government employ exactly the same criterion when they assess their success. If they did not do so, they would act completely differently from how they are now acting, which is how they have always acted.

You don't expect bears to leave the forest and seek out a public restroom when they feel the need for a bowel movement. Likewise you should not expect a criminal organization to promote peace, private property rights, and justice.

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