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Friendliness Is an Economic Revolution

Friendliness Is an Economic Revolution:
Socialists and interventionists have lost the intellectual battle. The arguments presented by Austrian economists for free markets and against government are irrefutable. Since Mises told us nearly a century ago that economic calculation is impossible under socialism leading to chaos and crushing poverty, socialist thinkers have been completely helpless in their efforts to refute him. As Mises would later point out in his book Socialism, they knew it then, and they know it now. The only tool they have left is that of emotional appeal, a tool which they have always brilliantly exploited around the world to disastrous effect.

.. little acts of friendliness, appreciation, and kindness take away their only tool. They subtly and implicitly reveal the true nature of free markets, and they make people happy. Could Lenin and Trotsky have led the Russian people to revolution if they had been happy with their lives, if the two had only appealed to completely flawed economic theory? Hardly.

More than this, these little interactions that take place in the market are the beginnings of bigger conversations and potentially friendships. One of the great things about friends is that they’ll listen to what their friends are passionate about. That’s when a real discussion about free markets could begin.

So the next time you go to order your fast food craving, start a rebellion for free markets. Smile. Be friendly. Show people how valuable they are. The world will be a brighter, freer, and more prosperous place because of it.

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