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Government Has a Toxic Personality

Government Has a Toxic Personality:
Travis Bradberry, the “emotional intelligence” columnist for Forbes, recently wrote a viral piece on toxic personality types and why you should stay away from them. Such toxicity can’t be fixed. They drain you emotionally. They sap your creativity. They disable your ability to function at your highest level. They bring down everyone around them. They make you unhappy. The only thing you can do is get away.
As I read it, it occurred to me that government itself manifests each of these traits and adds a few more, which explains why people want government out of their lives. Sadly, it’s not so easy as just walking away.
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The original article says that the solution to toxicity is to walk away. We keep trying. We vote the party in power out and a new party in, but the problem persists. We seek reforms and can’t get them. This is an institutional problem. There is no solution besides changing the institutions.

The article is right. We can’t be truly functional, creative, and happy until we get the toxicity out of our life, regardless of the source.

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