quarta-feira, novembro 30, 2016

speak ill of the dead

By all means, let’s speak ill of the dead this week:
And that’s the real takeaway from Castro’s contemptible existence. We shouldn’t constrain his infractions to the realm of economics—he chose socialism over capitalism; what an idiot—because the evil of his legacy is so much more instructive and universal than that. Castro’s Cuba is a reminder that government, given expansive power, will inevitably enrich itself and abuse others, regardless of whether it claims to be acting in the name of tradition, nationalism, the poor, science, whatever. This truth applies however incremental the state’s interventions might be, whether in Havana or at the VA. And just as Castro ascended in a relatively advanced Latin-American nation, so, too, could it happen here, if we allow government to seize more than it should.

That may be the only good to come from Castro. He died less than a month after Election Day and bequeathed to us a timely lesson.

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